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SEMCO was invented by Lawrence Serra, in 1976 when he could not find any product on the market to keep his teak looking good. While not setting out to be in this business he was quickly overwhelmed with requests for his new teak sealer. The rest is history. Without ever advertising these products and relying strictly on word of mouth, SEMCO has spread worldwide. It is now available through many great distributors and thousands of retail outlets. We also ship direct when customers have no outlet near them.

SEMCO is still family owned and operated; we are always available to answer our 800 phone number, or email, for customer support. SEMCO is used on pleasure boats, aboard cruise ships, in theme parks and is recommended by major teak furniture dealers. We proudly count several boat, canoe, and furniture manufacturers, as well as prominent hotels and shopping centers among our customers.


SEMCO can supply the material and on site labor to use these products, if needed. SEMCO is sold and recommended by top marine chains and garden furniture centers, web sellers and retailers.

SEMCO Teak Products

Teakwood with the beauty of its grain, rich color and timeless durability, is treasured as the best suited wood for use aboard boats, as decking on ships and the choice material for premiere outdoor furniture. However, these uses present the harshest of environments. Over time, the sun and weather will cause surface erosion leading to discoloration, mildew, graying, roughness and checking. The desire to prevent this ravage of the elements without becoming a "teak slave" gave birth to SEMCO Teak Care Products. An initial 2-coat application of SEMCO will protect the wood for an entire season, unlike most sealers and oils. Then a single re-coat at seasonal intervals will keep your teak in great condition for many years.

SEMCO: Water Proofs Decking, Quick Drying, UV Protection, Eliminates Deep Cleaning, Prevents Mildew, Holds Through Season.


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