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It is our  pleasure to announce to you all that Azimut Yachts will be protagonist during the International Design Week, taking place in Milan, 16th to 22nd April, 2018

During the Design Week, Azimut Yachts will be displaying the Azimut S7 in front of Triennale Palace in Milan, being one of the key places of the Design Week itself with high traffic and visibility.The yacht will thus become an installation in the centre of Milan, giving value and emhasis to its iconic design content, also through a night light show.

Next to the Yacht, we will be installing a dedicated exhibitng structure in order to involve visitors in a multisensorial experience with 2 'Virtual Reality' positions in it. Each visitor will be able to wear 3D Virtual Reality glasses and enjoy a virtual visit of the yacht onboard and virtual cruise, with support of 'multisensorial effects' to make the experience even more realistic.

The visitor will be able to find out major details concerning aspects and functionality of the yacht, showed with clear specifications onboard: materials, technology, objects. It will be possible to view them just turning the eyes on the areas of interest. Such installation will also give value to the partners nautic manufacture, through an ideal 'path of beauty' onboard, and will give a real sense of a cruise.

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